Slovenská verzia tohto článku je dostupná na odkaze – Rozhovor: Morone Hifer /Preceptor/ – death metal je, čo dýchame.

From the depths of Brazilian underground is rising Preceptor with their debut. Old school efforts of these men got to Europe only on a few promo CD’s, yet I must say – it sure is a slaughter. A combination of blasting drums, groovy machinery with moments resembling famous Bolt Thrower and with h/c surprise in the middle of the album? That is Dogmatismo.

There’s only to hope that the kvintet (Morone – vocals & drums, Du – vocals, Sérgio – guitar, Grilão – guitar, Fred – bass) will find an european label that will take care of the distribution here, so we can shake our skulls listening to this brazilian payload. There’s little to be found about the band, and so we committed a short interview with Preceptor’s artillery man Morone

How did Preceptor came to be in 2004 and what led you to creating band playing 90’s inspired death?

Morone and Grilão decided to form a band and shortly after, Sergio and Du were incorporated, thus everything began. We play 90’s Death Metal because it’s the musical genre that we like to play and compose. We have influence from other musical genres, but Death Metal Old School is still our favorite.

Is any story behind the band’s formation?

Well, Sérgio and Grilão were childhood friends in Belo Horizonte (BH), I (Morone) and Du are childhood friends in the region not far from BH. When I and Du moved to Belo Horizonte, we met Grilão because of his studio where we played with another band, and today, we are playing together.

There are many factors that influence creation of music. What is the situation of yours? Do you have regular jobs and strong family backgrounds?

We all work in our jobs, I’m a teacher and graphic designer, Du makes frame for pictures, Sérgio works with corporate training, Grilão is a teacher and Fred is a tattoo artist. We all have strong ties to our families, here in the capital and other regions of the state, two members of Preceptor (Sergio and Fred) have children and everyone has wives or girlfriends.

Brazil is always seen as the country of Sepultura, what was that brought you to making such heavy stuff?

No doubt, Sepultura’s first albums influenced all of us. Belo Horizonte is rich in heavy music bands, a lot of bands from here and the world influenced us to make Metal.
In childhood I listened to classic rock n ‘roll bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Raul Seixas. But when I heard Death, Sepultura, Possessed and Obituary, I felt that Metal would accompany me to the end of my life.


Talking your new LP. does Preceptor have more children?

The goal for 2018 is to do gigs in other cities in Brazil and perhaps foreign countries, to promote our first CD “Dogmatismo”. In the near future we will compose new material.

2004 ’till now and only ‘Dogmatismo’ to carry your name here in Europe, yet only on a couple of promo cd’s. Are you planning to bring Preceptor to a label that would take care of world wide distribution?

Yes, we are open to proposals. Even singing in Brazilian Portuguese, we feel that “Dogmatismo” must fly higher. New technologies make processes and prices more affordable today than they were years ago. A distribution of CD and shows around the world, today is not just a dream, hehehehe.

What’s the story of Dogmatismo? Does this full length have any songs that you like the most or have any special story about? What’s behind that happy sounding song Alienacao Corrupcao?

I like “Maldição” and “Dogmatismo”. This album was made to show our compositions from 2007 to 2016, we took a lot of time to compose, because of the availability of time of each member of the band, gathering all (composing and playing) is not very easy for us.
Most of the riffs of the “Alienação Corrupção” were composed by Grilão, he is the member who likes the genre Hard / Grind Core, so it was structured in the famous mold “three chords”. The lyric de “Alienação Corrupção” also have a politicized content, because it is a protest against corruption that exists in our country. Everyone says that it is very different, in compare with the other musics in the CD, but it is good that highlights the “Dogmatism” of many Death Metal CDs, for the diversity of compositions.


When did you start and how long it took to record and finish the whole tracklist?

We composed these songs between 2007 and 2016. They were recorded in 5 months and mixed/mastering in 2 months.

What about the lyrical side of this album?

The lyrics are essentially protests, mostly to religious entities, the ways of using dogmas to subjugate, to enslave or even to neglect human relations. The lyrics also talk about social problems such as government corruption and disrespect for citizens.

How does local scene likes’ Dogmatismo’? Is there more old school bands like Preceptor that we should know about?

Yes, the local scene is receiving our CD very well. Many people were already charging this material, because for them, we took a lot of time.
Here in Belo Horizonte there are many good bands in this genre, for example, Chronic Ashes, Scalped, Mortifer Rage, and others. All with their particularities that go beyond the Old School but all very well influenced by this genre.

For the Preceptor it’s hard to imagine our band making a different sound. Death Metal is what we breathe, live and enjoy.

What bands did you share the stage with to this day?

2017 was a great year for us in terms of gigs, we had the privilege of sharing stage with two bands that we really liked, Deicide and Extreme Noise Terror. We did a lot of gigs in our city, sharing the stage with important Brazilian bands in the national and international scene, like Krisiun, Impurity, Holocausto, Expurgo and others.

Hearing ‘Dogmatismo’ I’ve gotta say that it is one solid piece of work that not only gets all the old school one may like it still sounds fresh. What are bands plans for the future?

For the Preceptor it’s hard to imagine our band making a different sound. Death Metal is what we breathe, live and enjoy. our current plans are to divulge “dogmatism” and compose new songs soon, to record a new CD.

Any last words?

The Preceptor is very grateful for the opportunity to spread our work around the world. We hope that Dogmatism can be distributed soon in Europe so that you can hear us. We respect and enjoy the Death Metal made in your country and this international contact is very important for us. HAIL!!!

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