Abyss Above Doombound EP 2019

My colleague is asking for some “good, heavy & local music”. No problem, son! It starts real easy. First few seconds of this journey reminds me of Doom. Doomslayer sipping on his cup of morning coffee enjoying red planet’s scenery of low hills and craters scattered all over the surface. Chill. Right? But we all know that this is just a merciful intro of rather brütal storyline unfolding in the very next sector of this godforsaken facility.


First person view. You reach out for the BFG (Big Fucking Gun) – because fuck shotguns. Scenes you are about to witness are hardly suited for morning coffee romance. Well-illustrated heavy moods of Alpha casually slip right into Omega‘s hell. Lock’n’Load. There’s no coming back.

Symphony of Doom

One thing is clear. This is not Abyss Above you’ve known from before. Recording consists of multiple layers managing to complete one another perfectly. Each song brings its own signature riff and deadly chugs. All underlined by the ever-present symphony of cruel melodies dissolving in echo of surrounding wastes.

I’m not even exaggerating when comparing new sound to Oceano. Seems like that’s what was a big inspiration when Doombound was put together. What you could hear being the original version of Executioner single is now miles away from this shit. EP got rid of unnecessary filth and added to brütality and sharpness of the sound.

However, the most important changes were done with drums. Jozef and his attractive changes of tempo underlined by clever use of cymbals take this while thing to a new level and separate it from the shit you’ve heard before.

And then we got vocals. You thought I won’t bitch about those? Ha! I mean, there’s nothing to bitch about. Vocal lines bear reasonable amount of distortion and seeing these guys live I can tell that Eric is more than good vocalist onstage. His highs and lows perfectly fit into the whole thing. Erik manages to highlight the mood of each song in the perfect moment. His efforts are additionally backed up by featuring of Alan Grnja of Distant in Torment.

All at once

Speaking plainly – what’s good on this EP can turn out to be its downside. Seamless transitions between songs and unity of the tacklist might hurt if you’ll decide to pick songs separately. You cannot just take Omega without Alpha and consequently let it change to Voidwalker. Or to separate Doombound from my favorite Flesh Exposed. This EP is one soul, one body.

For example Omega on its own does not stand strong enough for it is Voidwalker that brings the composition to its peak. Omega is for me like extended intro Alpha. It’s simply supposed to be like that. Period.

Abyss Above Doombound EP 2019

Final word

This five piece quartet from Prešov (Slovakia) comes out guns blazing. Twenty minutes of chugged-brütal-doom-deathcore. Forget about 2016 Death Of God EP. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad. I mean not that bad. But this is 2019 and Abyss Above delivers painful damnation that you’ll pick up again. And again.

Self-released / August 25, 2019 / Deathcore